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Let’s play in this sandbox for a while.

Since my regular blog is Out of Order for the next little while (it’s up for renewal and I want to move my annual payment to January), I figured I’d set up this little (FREE!) space for the time being. (Really not a fan of the Block editor — I’m a “Classic” kind of girl — but did I mention it’s FREE?) I tend to be the kind of person who sticks to what she knows in order to save time. But a little bit of constructive discomfort will be good for me, I’m sure. I just might make a few faces as I get the hang of things.

It’s Tuesday, and so it’s time for a Slice of Life post. (For anyone not familiar with this challenge, it is an initiative of Two Writing Teachers — a community of teacher-writers who read each other’s work and share their own each Tuesday.

You can read this week’s contributions via the links in the comments here.)

I am having a great day, substitute-teaching International Baccalaureate / French Immersion students at my alma mater. I have been a substitute teacher (or on-call educational specialist, as I will use for the LinkedIn crowd) off and on for more than 20 years, but this is just my fourth or fifth day for the current school year. (I had a job in tourism for September and October — another decades-long recurring gig.)

It’s lunch-time, and several students are hanging out in the classroom, eating their lunches and debating deep philosophical topics, such as why girls’ bathrooms were so dangerous in the Harry Potter books, but nothing bad ever happened in the boys’ lavatories.

I get such a kick out of listening in to these conversations; I never know where the paths will lead.

One response to “Let’s play in this sandbox for a while.”

  1. I love listening in when you are right there and it doesn’t occur to the speakers that they might be listened to. They are right about the bathrooms now that I think of it.

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